‘exciting and provocative’
Noam Chomsky (Professor of Linguistics at M.I.T.)

Canadian/Albertan by birth descended from British and American pioneers…Londoner by passion since October 13, 1977

In 2012 I started to create collages on topics which interested me such as World War 2, pop culture as well as the London Riots and 9/11.
One of the first artworks I created was ‘Britain Shall Not Burn’ which is a tribute to the WW2 heroes in the Battle of Britain. There have been several press articles with this artwork, namely national and local newspapers and online publications.
The original artwork is on display at the Battle of Britain museum, Bentley Priory in London

– Attended Berklee College of Music as a teenager ostensibly to learn jazz music.
– Independent from age 17 helped found world renowned Vancouver punk scene. Played with first ever legendary Vancouver punk band The Furies. – Upon break up of The Furies, travelled to London and became founder member of cult post punk band PIL…aka Public Image Ltd…the first corporate structured rock band .

  • Two books have been written on that era Public Image Ltd: ‘Rise/Fall’ by Clinton Heylin and ‘Metal Box’ by Phil Strongman.
    Both times the authors have relied on my music and business analysis in releasing these books. The first book specifically noted my role in PIL was breaking news on 9 November, 1989 at the exact same moment the Berlin Wall was being pulled down.
    – I continued to write and create during all these periods and graduated with a full length feature film ‘Dark Journey’
    I wrote and directed and took to completion with noted Brit actresses and strong cast.